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Steve Rosenbloom says he doesn't trust Mike Martz with Cutler's career

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WCG-favorite Steve Rosenbloom has an intersting take on the future of Mike Martz in Chicago. He says that he doesn't trust Martz with Cutler's career, and that his signature Martzfense has a lot of effectiveness with the personnel that currently exists on the Bears roster. An excerpt:

One argument against firing Martz is Cutler would have yet another offensive coordinator and yet another offensive system to learn, keeping his pace at almost one a year. That’s a good argument until you consider that keeping Martz only raises the Terror Alert Level because he’ll believe his players can execute his plan better because they will have been immersed in it for a year. Truth is, the linemen will change and there’s no guarantee that those who remain will get better at the blocking required for Martz's beloved deep drops. But it’s not just them. It’s also the tight ends and backs, and the communication all around. Till further notice, Bears blocking and blitz pick-up in Martz’s dream offense are just quarterback auditions for "Survivor.’’

Like him or not, Rosenbloom can argue a point. Whether you agree with his points is a different story. After reading his article, what do you think?