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Chicago Bears 1st Round Draft Needs

A lot of folks have been dismissing any 2011 NFL Draft talks until the end of the season, and now Chicago Bears fans can turn their attention to just that topic.  There are several different approaches that can be made to the Draft (biggest need versus best available, etc), but we also know that Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith love their pass rushers. 

However, after watching the 2010 season, we also know that there are plenty of other needs as well, particularly the offensive line, and cornerback.  Some would even argue the need for an early-round wide receiver.


My take on the pecking order of priority, and subsequent draft selections, would be:

- OL

- OL

- DT

- CB

- OL

- WR 

I am completely inflexible with the 1st round pick.  If Angelo does anything else, I will probably say swear words that haven't even been invented yet.  On the 2nd round pick, I could be more flexible, possibly flipping the DT and OL at that spot.  The Bears are in need of a good 3-technique DT, and I don't expect Tommie Harris to be the guy next season.  Anthony Adams and Matt Toeaina are both productive players, but neither of them are that big disruptive force that we need in the middle.

For the purposes of this article, however, let's focus on the very first round.  John 'Moon' Mullin goes against what Mel Kiper, Jr. thinks in this article (pops).  Kiper says he sees the Bears taking CB Aaron Williams from Texas, but Moon thinks Angelo goes line.  Which line, he can't decide completely, but guesses offense.  I'm with Moon.

What are your thoughts on the 1st round selection of the Bears this Draft?