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WCG Chicago Bears Draft Board: Wide Receiver

Wide receiver is a big need for the Bears. Some fans have different opinions as to how big of a need it is (some people think CB and DT is bigger), but the performances of Knox and Hester in the NFC Championship game showed me they desperately need a go-to receiver. I honestly feel they should go after a veteran receiver that our current young receivers can be a complement to. If they opt to go receiver in this year's NFL draft, the Bears will have some interesting prospects to choose from.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz will be coveting for another target this off-season. He most likely understands that he can't go into next season with Devin Hester as his #1 receiver and he might also understand how good Knox or Hester can be with a legit go-to receiver paired with them. It will be interesting to see how they address this position this off-season, because it definitely needs to be addressed.

#1 A.J Green - Best receiver prospect I have seen since Calvin Johnson. Probably the best prospect in the draft, but because he plays WR and not QB or DE he won't go #1. The Bears really have no shot at him, but he's just the receiver the Bears need. Highlights

#2 Julio Jones - Jones is the second best receiver in the draft, but even with most of the receivers returning to school he still was the second best receiver. Jones has very good speed which is a nightmare for opposing corners because at the same time he's tall and strong. The only shot the Bears have at Jones is if they trade this year's and next year's one to move up. I really don't see that happening, as these next two drafts are very important for Angelo and this franchise. Highlights

#3 Torrey Smith - I know a lot of fans love Baldwin's size, but in my opinion Smith is a better all-around receiver. Smith is not 6-5 like Baldwin, but he does what most Bears fans scream for our receivers to do which is fight for the ball while in the air. He also gets into his routes cleanly off the line of scrimmage, and can definitely blow right pass the corner and safety. Definitely a receiver the Bears should give a personal workout to. Highlights

#4 Jonathan Baldwin - Baldwin draws comparisons to Larry Fitzgerald by some fans, but he's more of a raw version of Malcolm Floyd in my eyes. He has a lot of potential, but he still needs to become a better route runner and might have trouble separating from corners at the next level. He's not an ideal fit for Martz's scheme, so I would pass on the guy. Highlights

2nd Round

#5 Leonard Hankerson - The sleeper of this WR draft class, Hankerson could easily be grouped in that 1st round group, but his statistics and team's sub par play will keep him in the 2nd tier of WR's. Hankerson is an all-around receiver that is a possession type, but also attacks vertically downfield. Highlights

#6 Randall Cobb - Cobb is a do it all receiver, and is a tough SOB at 5'11, 188 pounds. Bears need size, but Cobb has the potential at the next level to develop into a pretty good wide receiver. Highlights

#7 Titus Young - Another stereotypical Martz receiver, Young is a similar size to Knox but has slightly better hands. Not a receiver the Bears should target because they already have this type of receiver in Knox and Hester. Highlights

3rd Round

#8 Greg Little - The former running back, now wide receiver, is tough to take down when the ball is in his hands. Still needs to learn more routes, but in Chicago he would give Martz another dimension in his offense and possibly a legit #1. Highlights

#9 Austin Pettis - Pettis is a big receiver who maybe has the best hands in the draft. He also uses his size to his advantage as he does a good job shielding the defender from getting back into the play. Certainly a good pick if the Bears want to go defensive tackle and offensive line in the first two rounds of the draft. Highlights

#10 DeAndre Brown - Big receiver with questionable hands, but he can fly down the field which is something Martz values in his system. A strong combine showing will shoot him up to the late 2nd round because he has all the potential to develop into a solid #1 receiver in the NFL. Highlights

#11 Vincent Brown - Brown is a vertical threat that can get down the field in a hurry. He's also pretty good after the catch. Reminds me of Greg Jennings because he just runs his routes effectively and has a habit of getting open. The Bears should really give this guy a look, as he's a natural fit in Martz scheme. Highlights #80

4th Round

#12 Cecil Shorts - Tremendous talent coming from a small school in Mount Union, Cecil Shorts is an ideal fit in Martz's offense. What jumps out to me is that although he came from a low division, he still dominated. Highlights

#13 Ronald Johnson - Mostly effective as a return man, Johnson is pretty athletic and is pretty elusive with the ball in his hands. Highlights

#14 Terrance Tolliver - Not the fastest guy in the world, but has good size to shield defenders from the football. Tolliver stats are down this season because of the QB play, but the guy can play and would be a steal this late in the draft. Highlights


#15 Tandon Doss - Still needs polishing up on his routes, but he's a guy that you draft if you already have a go-to receiver on your team. He's the type of receiver that can be effective as a slot receiver. Not really what the Bears need as they have effective slot receivers in Bennett and Hester. Highlights

Mock WR pick for the Bears - Torrey Smith, Maryland

Smith is probably the 3rd best receiver in this draft class in my opinion. At 6-1, 202 pounds, Smith can do it all. You can't really press him at the line of scrimmage because the guy is just too strong, and if you fail at pressing him at the line, he will fly by your safety into the endzone for 6. Martz and Jay would love this guy because he's a pretty good route runner (Martz values that) and he fights for the ball when it's in the air (Jay seeks that). I have no doubt that Smith can become a legit go-to receiver at the next level.

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