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The Bears Den: January 28th, 2011 Edition


where we do a quick Google search before we start pretending that we're doctors.

Bears feel offense will get even better - Bears also feel that unicorns are probably real, and that Aaron Rodgers might be a centaur. (It's a little crazy at Halas Hall right now.)

Peppers fined for Rodgers hit - I don't like this at all. Video looks to me like Peppers did everything he could to avoid it, and then they way Rodgers moved caused it to happen. I get that you can't lead with your head, but please diagram for me where you're supposed to hit a quarterback.

Twitter users reaching the wrong conclusions about Cutler - Twitter users also reach the wrong conclusions about life. Why do you think Bieber is always such a strong trending topic?

Cutler risked long-term injury by playing - Esiason - See? Boomer E. said so, too.

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Jay Cutler blather distracted from team's real issues - Dan McNeil is able to get back to his Lovie-hating. *Phew* Not a moment too soon.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is going to have a tough time changing this dialogue - Or he could just not worry about it. That's an option, too, ESPN.

Jay Cutler of Chicago Bears has somehow become sympathetic figure for not playing in second half of NFC Championship Game - I know how he became sympathetic. (Disclosure: didn't bother reading this.) He became sympathetic because people jumped all over his business.

Mullin: Offseason moves, the Plaxico issue - In case you missed this one from last night.

Hasselbeck/Cromartie would be an awesome on going twitter feud - I'm waiting for the tweet where Matt brings up all the kids.

And now Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and Mr. John Paul Jones show you how it's done right: