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Urlacher Confident Bears Will Build "Controversy" Into Something

This morning on the Waddle & Silvy Show on Chicago's ESPN1000, Brian Urlacher spoke of the state of the team, and his feelings regarding the "controversy" surrounding Jay Cutler.

ESPN Chicago has a nice summary of the interview, which will show up in the link above a litte later on. (Warning: The ESPN Chicago story has a large Dilfer Auto-Play.)

What did Urlacher have to say about things?

"We're such a close team, and I think we know how to put things behind us," Urlacher said Friday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "Stuff in the media just makes us stronger as a team, pulls us closer together, gives us something to build on."

He continues to reiterate the idea that this team truly doesn't mind being disrespected at every turn. More interestingly, with specific regard to Cutler:

"Anyone who knows Jay and has played with Jay and seen the hits he's taken in his career knows he's not a sissy. He's a tough guy. He goes out there every day and doesn't say anything about what's going on,just practices and plays and goes about his business. It really frustrated me, I didn't think it was warranted, but that's just the way -- with all the social networking now -- it's the way things go."

While it's nothing we haven't heard before, it is an indication of how strong this team's belief in itself and it's coaching really is. If the unit can continue to stay that tight-knit and focused, perhaps they truly can repeat the successes of 2010.