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Former Bears WR Bobby Engram Joins 49ers Coaching Staff

In 1996, the Chicago Bears selected Bobby Engram, WR out of Penn State, with their 2nd round draft selection (52nd overall).  After struggling the first two years out of the gate, Engram saw back-to-back seasons with nearly 1,000 yards receiving in 1998 and 1999 (guess the QB).  He exited after the 2000 season, and spent the next eight years with the Seahawks.

Announced today, "free agent WR" Engram earned his first coaching gig in the NFL, joining Jim Harbaugh's staff in San Francisco as an offensive assistant.


We all know about the 1985 players that have gone on to coaching careers... now maybe this begins the 1996 version.  Imagine - Salaam, Sauerbrun, Matthews, Cox - all getting coaching gigs in the NFL.

Congrats Engram!