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Gale Sayers on Matt Forte - Part 3

I had the honor of interviewing Chicago Bear legend and Hall of  Famer Gale Sayers.  He is helping Van Heusen and JCPenney with their Fan Choice vote for the Hall of Fame this year.  Over the coming week, I'll be sharing some of the thoughts he has on a myriad of topics.

This time I asked his opinion of Matt Forte:

WCG:  Matt Forte has had an inconsistent career thus far.  He had a great rookie year, his second year wasn't nearly as good and this year was up and down, but finishing up much better.  What do you make of Forte?

GS: His first year he was really decent.  He will also have to have a good ball game come Sunday for the Bears to beat the Packers.  Its hard for me to say how good he is, since he has been up and down so much.


Based on his tone and shortness of answer it seemed to me that he didn't really have an opinion or didn't really care for him.   In the end, no real opinion can be made until we can consistently give Forte a good line to run behind.