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Brad Biggs breaks down the Bears QBs position

Windy City Gridiron will be doing a similar series this offseason, but anytime Brad Biggs does an analysis, we're going to spotlight it.  Biggs always has tremendous insights as to not only what happens with the Bears, but why it happens. 

Up first in his series, is the QBs position.  From the article:


2010 overview: Cutler wound up being sacked an NFL-high 52 times, the most ever for a Bears quarterback, although the 2004 line during the Terry Shea experiment was more leaky. But the Bears had four quarterbacks to spread the sacks around that season. The line contributed to Cutler's issues, but quarterbacks have produced big-time numbers while being sacked an irregular number of times. Consider the following:

2010: Jay Cutler 86.3 passer rating, 52 sacks, 7.58 yards per attempt, 23 TD, 16 INT.

2009: Aaron Rodgers 103.2 passer rating, 50 sacks, 8.20 yards per attempt, 30 TD, 7 INT.

2007: Ben Roethlisberger 104.1 passer rating, 47 sacks, 7.81 yards per attempt, 32 TD, 11 INT.

In other words, you can't say Cutler didn't possess elite quarterback statistics because his offensive line and the play-calling frequently had him running for his life.

Biggs goes on to point out two missed TD opportunities in the NFC Championship Game to bad over-throws from Cutler, and talking about Martz's screw up with the #2 QB position.  Finish reading Biggs' analysis, and let us know if you agree with him.