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Eagles Interview Bears DB Coach Jon Hoke

The Bears have a very unique coaching situation. They have 3 former head coaches on their teams. We know OC Mike Martz openly is looking for another shot at being one. I've not heard if either Rod Marinelli or Mike Tice are entertaining the thought of getting back to the top spot at some point.

The climate of the NFL right now suggest teams are looking to cut costs and are more likely looking for low cost guys who haven't been a head coach before. This may or may not keep Martz with us longer.

Either way the Bears have one member of their coaching staff that may find an alternate job and it isn't any of the above mentioned guys.

The Philadelphia Eagles interviewed Bears Defensive Back Coach, Jon Hoke, for their empty defensive coordinator spot. The spot was left empty when Sean McDermott was fired from the Eagles in January.

The Eagles defense has dropped off the last few years and they are looking for somebody to get them back to the type of defense they are used to having.