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WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews for Week 17

While the offense stunk it up this past Sunday, the defense eased the worries going into the playoffs this Sunday. They contained Rodgers for most of the game, but didn't get any help from the offense. The offense struggled mightily in the red zone and when you facing any high powered offense you have to take advantage of it. The offense didn't do that and just kept the Packers in it. If the Bears muster up touchdowns instead of a FG and interception in the red zone, it would have been ball game folks because the defense was on that day. Instead the Bears finish 11-5, the Packers squeak into the playoffs, and now we have to hear questions from "experts" about how Jay is not capable of putting a team on his back and winning them a game (Shows how short their memory is when he did that last week against the Jets). Here's my final Regular Season WCG Match-Up post: Grades and Reviews for the 2010-11 season.

LE Israel Idonije and RE Julius Peppers Grade C

The Bears got pressure from the defensive end position this past Sunday. They will have to ramp it up against the Saints or Eagles, two teams they will most face in the divisional round of the playoffs. I also would like to continue seeing more of Cory Wootten who has been coming on as of late. Like Peppers and Idonije, Wootten gives you that blend of size and speed that can be too much for Tackles to handle.

DT Tommie Harris Grade C+

Harris had an ok game just like the rest of the defensive line, but he made the most significant play of the game getting a coverage sack on Aaron Rodgers. The sack showed fans that Harris hasn't really given up as his effort has always been question by fans. He's just simply not explosive anymore and for the 3 technique in this defense that is key.

DT Henry Melton Grade C+

Henry did a good job inside most of the game with his highlight being the sack he shared with Brian Urlacher. The Packers interior line is no slouches and I thought the interior defense specifically Melton and Harris did a pretty good job against them. Melton Versatility will be valuable against high power passing offenses like the Eagles and Saints as Melton can rush from both the DT and DE position. Guys like Matt Toeaina, Melton and Harris will key to disrupting pretty good passing offenses like the Eagles, Saints, and Falcons if we get to the NFC Championship.