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The Bears Den: January 5, 2011

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Bear_s-den2_medium_medium_medium the Bears once again have a Good QB/Bad QB on their hands?

A limited number of Bears playoff tickets to go on sale this morning... get 'em fast!

Larry Mayer takes a look at how the Bears did statistically in a few categories.

Lovie Smith talks about facing a mobile QB versus a pocket-passer.

David Haugh notes the difference in a calm Cutler, and a not-so-calm Cutler

The Trib is putting together an album of Bear look-a-likes.  So far, they have one pic.

Have you checked out the Ditka Sweater Vests? They are remarkable...

Bears sign WR Eric Peterman to replace WR Juaquin Iglesias.  Brandon Rideau unavailable for comment.

Sayers compliments a Bears player, talks about his own accolades while he's at it.

Mike Mulligan beats a dead horse in demanding more balance from Mike Martz.

Why does Neil Hayes repeatedly type "Sea-hawks"?

One of he most thorough team reports on the web, courtesy of USA Today.

John 'Moon' Mullin talks about the national perception of QB Cutler.

Moon also compares the difficulty of next year's schedule to this year's.

Video of PTI'd Michael Wilbon talking about Jay Cutler in the playoffs.

Final ESPN Power Rankings for 2010.

Michael C. Wright sizes up the potential playoff games for the Bears.

Kevin Seifert breaks down the multiple roles of Devin Hester this season.

The Williams Wall will be no longer if one of them leaves via Free Agency.

Matt Bowen discusses his vote for Defensive Player of the Year.

Lovie Smith nominated for NFL Alumni Coach of the Year.

Featured Post: This took 30 minutes of my time yesterday reading all the way through it, but it was definitely worth it- SBN's Top-40 Sports GIFs of 2010