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Saints at Seahawks: NFC Wild Card Game Open Thread

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It was no surprise to hear that Lovie Smith and crew were going to be scouting the Saints a little more than anyone else this weekend, considering they are the only team that could end up playing at Soldier Field that we haven't faced this season.

There seems to be a perfect storm brewing for the Seattle Seahawks... their health versus the injuries of the Saints, Drew Brees having never won a playoff game on the road, the dome team traveling to play in inclement weather... but it's just so hard to count the World Champions out, despite the adversity.  Oh, and the oddsmakers in Vegas are now giving 10 points to the Seahawks. 

Nevertheless, on any given day, any given outcome can manifest.  This is your NFC Wild Card Open Thread.  We'll have the AFC game thread at 8pm ET.  Have fun.