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Packers at Eagles: NFC Wild Card Game #2 Open Thread (1st Half)

Of the four NFL games that were scheduled for the opening round of this year's playoffs, the one game that that will decide who the Bears will face in the divisional round is played last.  Sometimes, having to wait until the end builds up excitement.

The scenario is simple: If Philadelphia beats Green Bay, we will host the Eagles for the second time next week at Soldier Field.  Here is the box score from week 12.  Should Green Bay win, the Bears would host the Seahawks for the second time this season.  Here is the box score of that first meeting

Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, Clay Matthews, DeSean Jackson... It's a star-studded NFC match-up; who will come away with the victory?  Enjoy the first half, and we'll have the second half thread up at half time.