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The Bears Den: October 10, 2011

"...where it's like a mini-reunion."

Line is improving despite injuries Mayer: The Bears may start their fourth different offensive line combination in five games Monday night in Detroit. But despite all the juggling, the unit has continued to improve. White House Sight and Sounds

Bears have more to play for than Lions Haugh: The unbeaten Lions want to win Monday night. The 2-2 Bears need to win. Tribune writers pick 'em: Bears at Lions

Even Lovie realizes this game is pivotal Potash: Very little is definitive in Lovie Smith’s world. There is no biggest game. Never a defining moment. But even Smith can’t ignore the import of the Bears’ game against the Lions on Monday night. Bears-Lions: Suntimes Staff predictions

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Safe to say it's a must-win game for Bears It's bigger than just a 'big' game for the Bears on Monday Night Football. With their backs against the wall, a win over the Lions is desperately needed. John "Moon" Mullin explains what must happen to avoid problems. Latest Bears video

Money isn’t everything to Bears’ Hester Jensen: Hester ended his deals with Under Armour and Red Bull during the offseason and said he isn’t inclined to take on any other endorsements.

Bears can handle antics of Lions' Suh Taft: Late hits, horse-collar tackles and blows to the head are just part of Detroit defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh’s game.

Bears must stop Johnson to top Lions AP: The Detroit Lions receiver is the NFL’s first player to catch more than one touchdown pass in the first four games of a season.

'MNF' in Detroit: Bears fight for relevance Seifert: If you think the past week has been crazy in Detroit, the next 36 hours or so will be flat-out wild. Video: MNF Booth Preview

Video: Mr. Ditka goes to Washington Mike Ditka reflects on the 1985 Bears visit to the White House.

Week 5 Sunday rewind | National Football Post Bowen: Rodgers lights up Atlanta, the 4-1 49ers, plenty of issues in Philly, Roethlisberger, A.P. and more. Bears vs. Lions Breakdown - Video


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