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Thoughts From the NFL Week 5

Week five in the NFL is nearly in the books and were continuing to see offenses explode.  Or is it defenses break down?  Either way it's exciting football.  If this is an aftereffect of the lockout and the missed practice time,  it would not surprise me to see the NFL look into ways to take away OTA's every year.

1)  Even though I've used WCG as a place to poke a little fun at Al Davis through our create-a-caption posts, I've always admired the man and what he meant for football.  His rebellious nature, pioneering spirit, and passion for the game was unmatched.  More professional sports owners should thirst for winning as feverishly as Al Davis.  It was good to see the Raiders win yesterday.

2)  The Denver Broncos should have traded Kyle Orton in the off season.  They weren't going to be a playoff team in 2011, so why not give Tim Tebow the year to see what you got?  Getting a pick or two for Orton is much better than allowing him to walk as a free agent, and his trade value is no where near what it was before he was benched. 

3)  The Carolina Panthers are the best 1-4 team in the NFL.  Silly timeout though...

4)  The Philadelphia Eagles are living proof that you need to be strong in the trenches to win in the NFL.

5)  I did not think Jim Harbaugh would get the 49ers turned around this quickly.  They are playing real good right now.  My Rams to win the NFC West prediction is shot.

6)  The Colts couldn't close out the Chiefs at home with a 17 point lead...  Looking over their schedule I only see the two games against the Jaguars as possible wins for them.  Andrew Luck could be Indy bound.

7)  Great game-plan by the Vikings.  Run Adrian Peterson.  Now the next step is to get their rookie QB in the game.  Is Donovan McNabb at this point really a better option than Christian Ponder?  I'm just not a big proponent of playing aging veterans when a season isn't playoff bound.

8)  I wonder what Carson Palmer thinks about the Bengals 3-2 start?  And I wonder why they haven't traded him away yet.  Even snagging a 7th round pick is better than nothing.

9)  Is it just me or are teams using the shotgun more than ever.

10)  Aaron Rodgers is great and the best QB in the league.  I hate him.