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WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews for Week 5

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As evil as this sounds, national embarrassments like what happened last night needed to take place for George McCaskey to see the type of product Jerry Angelo is putting on the field. Monday night you saw a team that lacks major talent on the offensive side of the ball. The Bears offensive line is inferior against top level defensive lines, and Jay Cutler doesn't have a reliable receiver outside of Matt Forte and Dane Sanzenbacher to go to. Jerry Angelo and Mike Martz brought in Roy Williams to be the legit #1 primary receiver that the Bears needed, but you are now finding out why Dallas cut him. In the process this might have stunted the development of Johnny Knox who last year started at the X (split end) position. You also have a very flawed offensive system in Martz's version of the Coryell offense that's been well documented here at WCG by our own and outsiders.  On the other side of the ball you have a defense that's aging badly with no suitable replacements behind their core players. The safeties are playing undisciplined football, the linebackers are moving in slow motion, and outside of Julius Peppers there's no threat of a pass rush. Dan Bernstein on his show predicted that last night game would be the beginning of the end for this defense, and love or hate Bernstein, that claim looked legit last night.

I'm done with my rant about the direction this team is heading moving forward, but I didn't forget about the grades for the ever disappointing offensive line of the Chicago Bears.


LT J'Marcus Webb Grade F

After coming off two good games in a row, Webb's good streak came to a screeching halt as he might have been the 2nd worst Offensive Lineman out there last night. If Webb wasn't committing false starts he was getting beat around the edge by Lawrence Jackson (yes former Seattle Seahawk bust Lawrence Jackson) or getting out hustled by Kyle Vanden Bosch.  This might have easily been Webb's worst game of the season so far, nut at least John Abraham is a top 5 caliber DE; Vanden Bosch is solid and Jackson has some skill but they are not at that caliber. I knew this would be a difficult match-up for Webb, but I didn't expect him to get beat repeatedly like that.

LG Chris Williams Grade D

Williams was alright in pass blocking, but was very putrid in the running department where on traps and pulls he struggled to pick up blocks and found himself on the turf most of times. He really had a hard time against Cory Williams last night and 3 years in the league I think we can finally see Chris Williams' ceiling which is borderline back-up to serviceable starter at OG. Hub Arkush suggested that the Bears kick Williams outside at RT until Gabe Carimi comes back, but we have seen the Chris Williams at OT experience before and it's not a good look.

C Roberto Garza Grade C-

I thought Garza did a serviceable job helping out both the guards against their assignments specifically against Suh. There were times that Suh and Williams was able to knife through the double teams, but overall I thought Garza wasn't as bad compared to his OT teammates.

RG Lance Louis Grade C

I thought Louis was the best Lineman on the field last night, but that honestly is not saying a lot. He contained the best DT in the game in both run and pass blocking at times by himself. He also was put in at RT for the awful Omiyale and slowed down the pass rush coming off the strong side of the line. It will be interesting to see Lance's development going forward. I don't see him as a full time RT, but do think he can develop into a solid starting RG with more time at the position.

RT Frank Omiyale Grade Get the Hell Out Of Football

I never thought I could find an Offensive Lineman worse than Qasim Mitchell. Honestly is Levi Horn that much worse than Omiyale? Frank Omiyale was at his drive killing best with false starts and getting beaten repeatedly off the edge by Cliff Avrill and Willie Young.  Not only should this guy not play another down in a Bears uniform, but he should be released immediately. At the very least the Bears should deactivate him to make room for DT Stephen Paea, but with Matt Toeaina's injury Paea most likely will be active on game days moving forward.