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The Bears Den: October 12, 2011

"...where we need to do some soul searching. Or talent searching would be ok, too."

Well, at least Cutler and Forte played well Pompei: The Bears' problem was that they were substandard everywhere else. Haugh, Biggs break down Bears loss to Lions

False starts, missed blocks wreck Bears’ offense Potash: No matter how much went right, there was almost always something that went wrong.

Time to do some soul searching Mullin: For the past few weeks one of the main problems with the Bears was finding an identity on offense. The latest issue has shifted to the defense, where Chicago is having trouble giving up the big play.

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Cutler is of no use to Bears now If the Bears can't figure out how to give the quarterback the support and plan he deserves, they should trade him. Biggs: 10 thoughts on Bears' loss to Lions

Miller: Lots of blame to go around Despite all the fundamental mistakes such as penalties, poor play and poor coaching, the Bears still had an opportunity to beat the Lions. Latest Bears video

Video: Bell on Bennett's recovery Stephania Bell takes a look at the recovery process for Earl Bennett.

Free Head Exam: Chicago Bears Seifert: After the Bears' loss to the Lions, here are three issues that merit further examination.

Hey Bears' fans, Cover 2 isn't the issue on defense Bowen: Forget Lovie's scheme, this is about production and technique.

Bears in big hole after loss to Lions Seligman: It’s his job to find holes, so no one needs to remind Matt Forte that the Bears are in a big one five games into the season.

Here’s your chance to break up the Packers Hendricks: To raise money for the renovation of Lambeau Field, stock in the league's only publicly held team will go on sale, once the league approves.

"E:60" Jay Cutler, Re-Designed Jay shows his fashion sense (or lack of it).

I'm Gumby, dammit!