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WCG Key Match-Up: Bears Passing Offense vs. Vikings Secondary

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 10:  Jay Cutler made the most of nothing Monday Night, but he needs more help from his WR's this up-coming Sunday Night. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 10: Jay Cutler made the most of nothing Monday Night, but he needs more help from his WR's this up-coming Sunday Night. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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We know what the obvious key match-up to this game Sunday Night is and that's the Bears Defense figuring out how to contain Adrian Peterson. What I want to do is shift my attention to the passing game and find out how the Bears skill players on the outside can get going against a Vikings secondary that is 7th worst against the pass. Before they can try to exploit a questionable Vikings secondary, the Offensive Line will have to do a much better job giving Jay a respectable throwing lane. The obvious and most interesting match-up will be J'Marcus Webb vs. Jared Allen. Webb is coming off quite possibly his worst game of the season against the Lions, and Allen so far this season has racked 8.5 sacks. If Martz want to help out his Quarterback and his young OL he needs to develop a game plan where Jay is getting the ball out much quicker, and my god man, move the pocket and let Jay work to his strengths.

If Martz can design a good game plan that doesn't have Jay taken a beaten, and the O-line can give Jay time in the pocket to go through his progression's the Bears can exploit a vulnerable Vikings secondary.

WR Devin Hester vs. CB Cedric Griffin

There was some good Hester and bad Hester last Monday Night against the Lions. The good Hester that I liked was him going up for the ball (which I honestly thought he didn't have in him), and coming back to the ball while using his body to shield the defender from making a play. The bad Devin Hester on the other hand is him treating a zero route like it's a punt return and failing to make tough catches that could have been big plays. Which Devin Hester will we see on Sunday Night? He has all the ability to be a dangerous weapon in the passing game, but he needs to capitalize on opportunities when it's laid out there in front of him. He will be going up against a solid starting corner in Griffin who has the ability to physically take a receiver out the game. It will be important for Hester to find ways to get cleanly off the line of scrimmage and use his speed and quickness to get separation from him.

WR Johnny Knox vs. CB Chris Cook/Antoine Winfield

Mike Martz needs to scratch the Roy Williams experience and play the better receiver full time which is Johnny Knox. I know Williams is coming off a groin injury, but he just looks like a guy that CB's honestly don't have to worry about on the outside. Knox on the other hand is the team's most talented receiver  (for what's that's worth) and is a player that opposing DB's have to account for because he's capable of blowing the top off a defense and can take a quick slant for big gains if he has the ball in space. Knox will get his dose of both Cook and Winfield; Winfield in basic 4-3 looks and Cook in nickel packages with Winfield kicking inside to NB. Knox needs a big performance to further separate himself from Roy, and Sunday Night is a good opportunity.

WR Dane Sanzenbacher vs. NB Antoine Winfield

Earl Bennett returned to practice today in limited participation, but I have no idea if he will be available for Sunday Night. If he does I like the match-up in the slot between him and Antoine Winfield better than the Undrafted Rookie vs. the experienced Vet. Dane will be counted on to be reliable in blitz recognition and so far this season he hasn't had a problem in that department.

TE Kellen Davis and Matt Spaeth vs. Vikings Linebackers and Safeties

We saw Monday Night how productive Kellen Davis can be in the receiving game; Martz needs to keep utilizing Davis in that department. At 6-7 267 pounds, Davis has the potential to be a legit match-up problem for Linebackers specifically in the red zone. He's fast for his size for LB's and too tall and big for Safeties. Martz needs to stop handicapping Davis as just a blocking receiver and send the guy out on routes.