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Week 6 Prediction: Defensive Yards Allowed

I'll just get right to the point behind this week's prediction poll. In the Bears' five games this season, they've allowed 386, 382, 392, 543, and 395 yards, to some of the finest offenses so far in the NFL. Let's contrast that to the Vikings' offense, which this year has put up 187, 398, 321, 341, and 332 yards - only one of those numbers would fit in the numbers allowed by the Bears.

The bulk of the Vikings' yardage is generated through the run - they haven't run for less than 130 yards in every game thus far. The Bears have allowed every team so far to run for at least 100 yards.

Statistically speaking, this is the weakest offense the Bears have faced to this point (16th in points, 24th in yardage). So my question to you is this: Is this the week the Bears "figure it out" and post their lowest yardage allowed to date, or do the Vikings boost their numbers on a Bears' defense that has not been great this year?

Minor programming note: Lester will have your now-weekly Smack Talk Open Thread up in two hours. So if you want to talk smack about those 1-4 Vikings, stay tuned.