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Bears Force Vikings' Ship To Run Aground, Win 39-10

This game was essentially over from Jay Cutler's 48-yard touchdown pass to Devin Hester early in the first quarter. The offense looked great at times and spectacular at others, the defense looked fairly revitalized against an anemic Minnesota offense, and oh yeah, Hester ran back his fourth career kick return touchdown in a 39-10 drubbing of the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, granted, it was the Vikings, who aren't exactly among the elite teams the Bears had to face in the early part of their schedule. But there were plenty of nice things to take away from this game - namely, Cutler's excellent day throwing the ball, the improved pass-blocking and blocking schemes, and a defense that seemed like it wanted to punish Adrian Peterson for all the yardage he's amassed against the Bears in his career.

On a somber note, though, Hester did leave the game in the fourth quarter with a chest injury.

Quick, victorious numbers after the jump. See you with Scribbles in the morning.

Jay Cutler: 21/31, 267 yards, 2 TD - 115.9 passer rating

Matt Forte: 17 carries; 87 yards.
Marion Barber: 10 carries, 34 yards, TD
Devin Hester: 5 receptions, 91 yards, TD
Roy Williams: 3 receptions, 50 yards

Donovan McNabb: 19/24, 177 yards - 97.4 passer rating
Christian Ponder: 9/17, 99 yards - 70.5 passer rating

Adrian Peterson: 12 carries, 39 yards, TD
Percy Harvin: 7 receptions, 78 yards
Bernard Berrian: 5 receptions, 54 yards