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The Bears Den: October 17, 2011

"...where my name is Frank and what could I get started for you this morning?"

Bears pound Vikings in NFC North clash Mayer: The Bears recorded arguably their most complete win of the season Sunday night, routing the Minnesota Vikings 39-10 at Soldier Field. Game Highlights

Suddenly everything goes right for Bears offense Pompei: It's just a start against a bad Vikings team, but their progress, schedule look promising.

Stopping Peterson earns high marks Moon: Controlling Adrian Peterson, lots of sacks, no big plays to speak of, huge plays on special teams…. The kind of game the Bears defense and special teams needed. Desperately. Is Cutler calling the shots now?

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Bears re-establish identity early with safety Haugh: When defense scores, it awakens a football city and makes things easier for the whole team. Bears postgame quotes

Smith, Hester make all the right moves in Bears' victory Jensen: The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday afternoon, and it’s hard not to discount all the obvious signs.

New result from Bears' new offensive line Rosenbloom: Against a fierce defensive line, the Bears’ offensive line had a game.

Shepkowski: The Good, Bad and Ugly It’s what you need to do against bad teams -- beat them badly. Bernstein: Coaches Buy Some Trust…For Now

Back to .500 and 'Hopefully that's who we are' Isaacson: It was a win, which is all Bears coach Lovie Smith ever professes to want.

Smith pushes all the right buttons Greenberg: Lovie Smith's motivational ploys seemed to rev up the Bears' defense. Video: Hester, Bears Make Short Work Of Vikings

Managing Martz key to Bears' success Nolan Nawrocki says the Bears need to heed the ideas of OL coach Mike Tice and scrap Mike Martz's deep-drop, pass-happy ways to stay in the NFC North race. NFL Videos: Vikings vs. Bears highlights

Sunday’s five most valuable players MJD likes him some Jay Cutler. Least valuable players 'Gym' Schwartz, not so much.

William Shatner is Iron Man: