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Thoughts From NFL Week 6: Chicago Bears and beyond

I know it's only week 6, but there were a few turning point moments on Sunday that will set the stage for team's moving forward.  A few players really stepped up and answered some questions about their play.  There were some teams in must win mode that got it done.  And there could be some quarterback depth charts shuffling around after what transpired on Sunday.

1)  If Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was offended by an expletive, he should think about a profession change.  And I have to share this Tweet by WCG's very own Dominique; How Jim Schwartz going to get mad at Harbaugh for celebrating when he does the wack ass fist pump after every win.

2)  I wonder if the Washington D.C. media have picked up on the Good Rex / Bad Rex thing yet?

3)  I only caught the last few minutes of the Patriots Cowboys game, but it sure is fun watching Tom Brady coolly lead his offense down the field.

4)  Staying with that game for one more...  Why in the world would Dallas go that conservative with 3 straight run plays, only to give the ball to Brady with two and a half minutes to work?  I'll wager a guess...  Maybe they don't trust Tony Romo in late game situations.

5)  Tough break for the Raiders losing Jason Campbell, no pun intended, but Kyle Boller is a veteran with starting experience, and as long as the Raiders keep pounding the rock I think they'll be fine.  Then again, either that or trade for Carson Palmer or sign David Garrard.

6)  How is it that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers can make a 90+ yard TD seem routine?

7)  Atlanta commits to the run and they pick up a much needed win.  In my opinion, that should be their formula for success.  Matt Ryan is a very good game manager, and Michael Turner is a very good running back.

8)  The Buccaneers looked good in bouncing back to knock off the Saints in New Orleans* Tampa Bay.  After playing terrible against the 49ers last week, Bucs QB Josh Freeman came back strong.  It sets up an intriguing London game for week 7.

9)  Christian Ponder should start at QB for the Vikings.  Not because Minnesota is 1-5 and seemingly out of playoff contention, but because he gave the offense a spark that they didn't have with Donovan McNabb in the game.

10)  I like how Jay Cutler spoke up during the week about the play calling of Mike Martz.  It had to be said, and it obviously worked.  Give the QB some time to throw and you can pass the ball.  It was a real good game plan by Martz, and they did a good job sticking with it throughout the game.


One final thought.  I was reading over some comments on WCG and over on the facebook page of Chris Harris.  Some fans are really taking his trade request personal.  The NFL is a business, and Harris has to take care of business.  He's not quitting on the Bears, the Chicago coaching staff no longer has him in their plans for 2011.  And he's a free agent to be, so it's obvious Chicago management dosen't have him in their 2012 plans either.  The window for an NFL player is a small one, and I can't blame him for looking for 1 more payday before his career's over.