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NFL Head Coach Deathmatch Power Rankings: Lovie Smith

Regardless of his soft, country drawl, and his Zen-like demeanor on the sideline, Bears head coach Lovie Smith is built like a brick shiathouse. He looks like he could suit up and play linebacker just based on his physical appearance, and in a Deathmatch-style setting, I would probably rank him pretty highly among NFL head coaches.

Thanks to the Schwartz-Harbaugh shenanigans this weekend, SB Nation decided to rank all 32 NFL head coaches... Where does Lovie Smith stack up?

20. Lovie Smith - Could definitely get some good shots in, surprise some people, defend himself better than expected... But in the end, Lovie Smith is still Lovie Smith, and nobody in the NFL is scared of Lovie Smith.

Well, hard to argue with that reasoning. Where would you rank coach Smith?