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WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews for Week 6

For a minute there I thought that Mike Martz completely forgot about Play Action and Max protection. The "Mad Scientist" did a good job adjusting his play calling to where Jay is taking a much lesser pounding and at the same time exploiting a weak Vikings secondary. What was impressive were the WR's getting open despite most of the time Martz was sending only two of them out on routes. It showed Martz to a certain extent he can have success in the passing game max protecting with 7 and only sending 2 WR's out in routes. I don't think the Bears offense can be successful all the time max protecting and sending very limited options out in the passing game, but Martz moving forward should mix this in along with the play-action since opposing Defensive Coordinators are starting to come into games against the Bears game-planning to stop Matt Forte.

If Martz can mix into his play-calling max protection and play-action with some of his deep vertical and combination routes the passing offense can be successful moving forward.


Split End Position (Roy Williams and Johnny Knox) Grade A

At the position the two receivers combined for a total of 5 catches and 91 yards. Both Knox and Williams did a great job getting open against man coverage and getting cleanly off the press at the line of scrimmage. In the past you saw Cedric Griffin kind of bully the Bears receivers, but when he was matched up against Williams he struggle, and against Knox he respected his speed on one of Knox's receptions by backing off him and the other Knox got off his press and got separation to make the catch and run.

Devin Hester Grade A+

I thought this was the game you saw Hester put it all together as WR. He ran clean routes and was pretty sharp out his breaks with his most impressive catch of the night being the 48 yarder touchdown bomb where he had to adjust to make the catch. Hester two games in a row have been pretty impressive as a WR. I still don't think he's a #1 WR, but I disagree with Hub Arkush who continues to stand by his opinion that Devin's is not a WR period.

Dane Sanzenbacher Grade B+

Dane only had one reception for 13 yards, but in my opinion it was the best catch this season from a Bears receiver.  He made the catch over the middle in heavy traffic while getting hit hard by the Safety. Great throw Jay Cutler and great catch by Sanzanbacher who continues to impress as an undrafted free agent.

Kellen Davis Grade B

Davis only had two catches for 21 yards, but the 24 yard catch he made against the Vikings Linebacker is one of the reason why I am pining for him to get more opportunities in the passing game and not get pigeon hold as just a blocking TE. 6-7 267 pounds, he has good hands and decent speed for his size. The Bears don't have a lot of possession targets with Bennett out, so there has to be room for Davis to fit in that type of role.

Matt Forte Grade B

Nothing really spectacular in receiving game from Forte tonight, but his presence in that department gave the Vikings DC something to worry about. Forte finished the game with 6 receptions 36 yards and the song racks on racks continues to play in Matt's head as each week he keeps giving Angelo a good reason that needs to be paid.