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Back to Even: Week 4, Panthers at Bears Pre-Party (Open Thread)

Hey guys! Maybe this interception thing feels better when we actually <em>win the game!</em> (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Hey guys! Maybe this interception thing feels better when we actually win the game! (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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Today's matchup between a 1-2 Chicago Bears squad and a likewise 1-2 Carolina Panthers team is a big one for both. For the Panthers, a win today matches the total they put up all last season in a very tightly-packed NFC South. And for the Bears, a win puts them at 2-2 and keeps the hunt for the division alive, where a loss leaves them potentially three games back in a division boasting the Packers and the upstart Lions, having lost to one of those and set to play the other next week.

The Panthers bring in rookie QB Cam Newton, who started off phenomenally but has since cooled down - granted, some of it monsoon-aided, but he did not start that game particularly effective either. The Bears bring a defense that loves to force long drives and disciplined marches down the field and a very good running back that the Panthers couldn't seem to stop even when he was the only option last year.

Game-related linkage after the jump.

Game previews: The Sun-Times, ST Keys to the GameESPN and ESPNChicago.

Pompei brings the Newton Scouting Report. Apparently the rookie has some new fans as well. Roy Williams wishes he had some of those fans.

Bob LeGere thinks Newton will be a challenge for the Bears. Um... Yeah?

The Bears' defense misses Chris Harris.

Cutler and Williams are not on the same page.

In actual good news, Lance Louis is all set to return to the starting lineup at right guard.

Also from Pompei, the Bears must let Martz be Martz. So, less than ten runs today?

Injury reports for today's game.

I didn't even know this was possible.

Gameday procedures today, first-quarter thread pops at 11:45 AM CT/12:45 PM ET, with each quarterly thread coming up at each quarter. You'll get your late games thread sometime after the recap.

Now that that's settled, back to .500! Bear down!

Chicago Bears Fight Song (via scifiradioguy)