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Week 4: Panthers at Bears 4th Quarter Open Thread

Here's some of what we saw in the third quarter:


  • A big drop of a super-floaty pass by Dane Gardenhoser.
  • Terrible basic defense by the Bears
  • Jeremy Shockey negating touchdowns with barely there pass interference.
  • Julius Peppers blocking a field goal.
  • The right side of the offensive line looking not unlike they don't play much.
  • Hester getting banged up on a 3rd and 8 into traffic. 

Week 4


Carolina Panthers

Head Coach Ron Rivera
Starting QB Cam Newton


Chicago Bears

Head Coach Lovie Smith
Starting QB Jay Cutler
Date: October 2nd, 11 Location: Chicago, IL
Time: 1:00 ET (12pm CT) Stadium: Soldier Field
TV: FOX (Tv Maps Here) Doomed: Cat Scratch Reader
Pre-Game Gamecenter Forecast: 63°, Sunny


The Bears look to straighten things out. The question is--is their fight already for a wildcard slot?