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The Dash to 2,000 - Matt Forte's Journey Towards History

An article on ProFootballTalk sparked this idea - mainly because while we all know Matt Forte is carrying our offense, lost in the Martz-Cutler-Offensive Line controversies is just how epic this season has been so far for #22. That being said, this will be the first of my new in-season weekly series updating the WCG community on Forte's race towards 1,000 rushing and 1,000 receiving yards. Apache, jump on it.

This series will heretofore be entitled MF2k (you decide if MF stands for Matt Forte or something else) since Chris Johnson apparently gave up the CJ2k moniker after hitting his pay day and crapping on fantasy owners everywhere. I'll provide weekly updates with Forte's yardage totals compared to Marshall Faulk's epic 1999 season and Roger "Don't Call Me" Craig's 1985 season.

The PFT article notes how, as of now, Matt Forte leads the NFL in yards from scrimmage; the top five are:

1. Matt Forte: 908 yards, 46.2 percent of the Bears’ offense
2. Fred Jackson: 880 yards, 38.7 percent of the Bills’ offense
3. Wes Welker: 804 yards, 28.2 percent of the Patriots’ offense
4. Darren McFadden: 761 yards, 34.0 percent of the Raiders’ offense
5. Ray Rice: 700 yards, 38.1 percent of the Ravens’ offense

Forte also accounts for the highest percent of a team's offense, and you can see above just how important he is and how elite he is no matter what Angelo thinks. With 527 rushing yards and 381 receiving yards through six games, Forte is on pace for 1,405 rushing and 1,016 receiving yards. For the record, Faulk finished the 1999 season with 1,381 rushing yards and 1,048 receiving yards, while in 1985 Craig totalled 1,050 rushing yards and 1,016 receiving yards. While it seems unlikely that Forte is able to maintain the pace necessary to hit 1,000 in each category, as long as its possible, I'll be giving you the numbers.

To hit 1,000 yards, a player that appears in all sixteen games needs to average 62.5 yards per game. I won't even get into the averages if a player misses a game, because that won't happen here (fingers crossed). I'll keep track of the rushing and receiving yardage totals each week, along with each players' per game averages to see if Forte is maintaining his needed average of 62.5. So, without further adieu, here are the numbers through week six for MF2k!


Stats Through 6 games Average Through 6 games
Rushing Receiving Rushing Receiving
Forte 527 381 88 63
Faulk 502 293 84 49
Craig 313 415 52 69