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Saturday Night Smack Talk! Bears at Buccaneers in London Open Thread

This is the 3rd week in a row that we're gonna post an open thread for all your Smack Talk needs. This is the go to place for Chicago Bears fans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans to get down and dirty with some trash talking. Remember Open Threads are WCG-MA, so if you have thin skin like the Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz this ain't the place for you. Please follow our Community Guidelines, don't get personal, and stay away from using comments that are prejudiced (sexist, racist, homophobic, religious, etc.) in nature.

After the jump we'll highlight the prediction that our very own Superfans made earlier this season.

Bill - Chicago next travels to London, England to take on that swashbuckling band of Buccaneers from Tampa Bay, in what is technically a home game for the Bucs.
Todd - (speaking in a poor English accent) Top o' da morning to you matey, trow anudder Polish sausage on the barbie.
Pat - I think you're mixing up your countries there Todd.
Carl - However I like what you did there with the sausage reference.
Pat - That Polish sausage reference is what saved you from sounding like a complete boob.
Todd - (still with the English accent) So pour me a pint of ale, with some crumpets on the side, and cherry O and a pip pip to you.
Bill - While I can appreciate your attempt at the accent Todd, it's not exactly good. However, to stay with the British theme you've started, I see the Buccaneers getting their "Arse" kicked.
Carl -
And I see their QB Josh Freeman spending a bit of time on his "Bum".
Pat - And I predict Da Bears win it "easy peasy" because at this point in the season their offense will be running "tickety-boo", and with the "smashing" way their D will be playing, the Bucs offense will be all "sixes and sevens". And remember, Chicago will be off for a "fortnight" following this game and after "taking the biscuit" for seven straight weeks our boys in Navy and Orange could "fancy" a bit of a rest, and "Bob's your uncle"!
(they all look silently perplexed at the use of British slang dropped by Pat)
Todd -
Did someone mention sausage?
Bill - Yes, Todd. You did.