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Official WCG Matt Forte Nickname Contest

The Bears are 4-3 heading into the bye week, which for many of us, leaves a hole in our weekly (daily?) routine of discussing strategies, injuries, our opponent and so on for the upcoming game. So, what better way to kill two weeks than participate in the Official WCG Matt Forte Nickname Contest. Jump to join in!

Forte's in the midst of his fourth season with the Bears, and so far this is his career year. As talked about last week, #22 is chasing history this year, and reaching 1,000 rushing and 1,000 receiving yards for the season isn't going to be easy, but he's got a heck of a chance. However, after four years as the starting running back for the Bears (and getting that bitter Cedric Benson taste out of our mouths), the man does not have a proper nickname!

So, the task is simple: post any nickname you have for #22 in the comments section, and if necessary, the reason or background behind it - hopefully we won't need a paragraph to explain a word or two. Any nickname you like, rec it; new nicknames and recs will be tallied until next Tuesday at 11am CST. The nicknames with the most recs will be on a poll next Tuesday at 3pm CST to determine Forte's new WCG nickname.

For some helpful info on Forte, feel free to scour his Wiki page, his official Bears roster page, or his Tulane player bio page (go Green Wave!). Also, if you need some help, here's a list of some of the most well-known NFL nicknames (although to be fair, on the list they have Jim Everett's nickname as Chris, so there ya go).

So let's make this happen! Nicknames like All Day, Ironhead, Night Train, Pocket Hercules, the Barbarian, Sweetness, the Bus, Cadillac, and the Nigerian Nightmare had to start somewhere, and Forte needs a proper one. Get to work, WCG!