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The Bears went to London and beat the Buccaneers. The best of the in-game thread.

After a brief hiatus, here's the return of our irreverent round-up of the chinwagging that goes on in the in-game threads.  Unfortunately I have no Bears toaster to give away.

This was very much a game of two halves, with Mike Martz seemingly still too jetlagged in the first half to call much more than "Give it to Matt" and Forte taking the chance to stake his claim to be counted among the game's elite backs.  Someone must have found a strong coffee for the OC at halftime; we were 21-5 up going into the final quarter and ended up having to fend off hail marys to survive 24-18, despite having had 395 yards of total offense to 280, an advantage in time of possession of 33:12 to 26:48, and picking Josh Freeman off 4 times.  Check after the jump for the best of your comments...

At least one person in the media paid attention to the anthems.  Gentlemen, the name you're looking to do an image search for is Katherine Jenkins.  You're welcome. Doesn't she look a little like a Thunderbirds puppet, though?
CloudyFuture: Dan Bernstein: "And that chick has way nicer boobs than Jim Cornelison, too."
After Claudio Oliveira posted this in favour of Paying The Man...
Beer Down!: I didn’t know he had a tilde on the e
BOBdaBEAR: that's...not a tilde...
Beer Down!: I’m not good with english punctuation, let alone anything else… I don’t know even know if it’s considered “punctuation”
BOBdaBEAR: depends... does it show up on a grammar test question?
Joe the Boss: the sooner we stop this grammar thread the less stupid we look
Beer Down!: agreed
Not exactly.  Fries are chips. Chips are crisps. If only crisps were called fries, the circle would then be complete.
emdub: Oh look, Williams dropped a pass. In other news, chips are fries over there.
Perhaps it's because I took a friend's dog to the park earlier that day?
Hugh Heavens: Come on Roy..shit
Spongie: I’d much rather he catch the ball.
When I see three snaps, three big plays, three WCGers' comments, I do not see coincidence. I see providence.  Does that make CloudyFuture the Oracle?
emdub: CONTE!!!!!!
CloudyFuture: Ugh. saw that safety coming sadly…
WCG In-Game Threads: fun and educational.
awfullyquiet: That Clutts kid... Where did he come from?
BearNecessities: his parents!
A random fact to excite all 13 year old girls who support the Bears:
frenchbears113: The Weasley Twins are Bears fans? AWESOME!!!

You are not a Jedi yet, young Shuggswalker...
Shuggs: Oh, by the way, Padawan is a proper noun so it should be capatilized, jackwagon.
Is the fanbase getting fed up with our offensive coordinator?
Fire Ron Turner: I have to go take a Martz...
Minds_Eye024: I fired one out at halftime.
That's not the Chicago Bears way!
Allie: I just want to continue the string of offensive possesions that end without swearing
I felt a great disturbance, as if millions of Bears fans suddenly cried out in recognition of a predictable trick play-call and were suddenly disappointed.
ThorCo: Ahhh, the customary drive killing WR run
Local knowledge, and all that.
crackedcactus: Annoucers Love Stonehenge. We Get it.
Spongie: It’s disappointingly small when you see it in person. And now: TWSS.
At least someone was happy about tuning in!
TheMan1: Watching this game on a stream. Shoot I have won like 4 Ipad 2’s, a trip, “This is not a joke”, I am the 1,000,000 customer, damn I’m lucky today!
Who needs official broadcast commentators?
drewishdrewid: what are they DOING?
northernsails: sucking
Pretty much what we were all thinking when the ball went up with the Buccaneers looking for a last-gasp TD for the win...
lmfsilva: poig8iuhgolvbguºkobnl mp
Last word.  Seems apt.
TheMan1: Games over. Funny enough now I have to go replace a toilet, seems kind of fitting after watching this garbage.


Well, it was increasingly tense late in the game when our lead was eaten away and that was reflected in the 2,270-odd comments, but we won and that's the important thing if you're not looking to Suck For Luck.  If you're wondering, Wanda didn't make the transatlantic trip and it was too far to punt a flaming squirrel.  No game next week, of course, so I'll look to put up the "Best of" from the Lions and Vikings game threads.