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Thoughts From NFL Week 4: Chicago Bears and beyond

<strong><em> FLIP FAIL</em></strong>

In October the NFL will show support for National Breast Cancer awareness month with their A Crucial Catch campaign.  All month long NFL players will be wearing pink to raise awareness for annual screenings.  The campaign, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is a great cause and for more info hit the above link.  On to my thoughts...

1)  After missing the first 3 weeks of the season with a calf injury perhaps Chicago's Marion Barber should have went with the classic ball spike and held off on the back-flip face plant move.

2)  I think the Bills were believing some of the hype surrounding their 3-0 start.  Blowing a 17-3 lead to the Bengals...  Really?

3)  Speaking about believing their own hype, I wonder if the last place (1-3) Eagles now realize the game isn't played on paper.

4)  So are the Lions a great come from behind team or are their opposition just choking away their leads?

5)  New England's Wes Welker is on pace for 120 receptions, 2464 yards, and 20 TDs. 

6)  The Houston Texans sure seem like a legit AFC contender.

7)  The Sunday Night game was an exciting one if you like TD returns, an NFL record 5 were scored by both teams.  The Ravens were dominant defensively and their 34-17 win over the Jets wasn't that close.

8)  Aaron Rodgers is really, really, really, really, really, really good.  That's 1 really for each TD he had against Denver.  And speaking of Denver, play Tebow.

9)  The Titans are 3-1 and Chris Johnson may be hitting his stride, he finally went over a hundred yards (101), then again it was against the Browns defense.  I still don't know what to make of Tennessee.

10)  Lucky us!  The Colts are on prime-time again this week!  Tonight should be a riveting match-up.