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Like a Stone: Muddling Through The Bears' Bye Week

Is there anybody out there... (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Is there anybody out there... (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Getty Images

At least the NFL has games going on today and tomorrow still, right? Right?

But that doesn't kick off until later. So in the meantime, here's some Bears-related linkage to get you through the morning.

The Sun-Times takes a very interesting look at the safeties in the Cover-2.

While Forte's value is rising, Brad Biggs cautions that Forte's taking a huge risk. "You're one injury away from losing the big pie there that you're going to get."

Dane Sanzenbacher spent Saturday watching his Buckeyes play against Wisconsin. What are some of the other Bears doing?

Pompei grades the Bears on their bye week. 

I still don't get this Conte "Birdman" thing. Either way, ESPNChicago's piece on the youngster. He also doesn't think he has any extra pressure on him with Harris gone.

Forte talks about his lack of deal. ESPNChicago also breaks down the club at the bye.

The Bears feel like they're on the rise after back to back wins, neglect to say those were against the Vikings and Bucs.

Tyler Clutts is showing he's not a klutz on the field.

Lovie Smith is bad at challenges. Water is also reported wet, developments at eleven.

Gameday procedures, we'll have a thread up for each set of games. Whether there's a fancy-schmancy Kev-table or something I cobble together remains to be seen, but you clowns deserve an Open Thread or three today to bemoan the lack of Bears football today.