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Monday Night Football Week 8: Chargers @ Chiefs (Open Thread)

Even with the bye week, Bears RB Matt Forte still leads the league in combined rushing/receiving yards, with 1,091.  Tonight will conclude Week 8, with Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers traveling to Kansas City and facing off with Matt Cassel and the Chiefs.

It is worth noting that Cassel has only thrown for more than 250 yards twice this season, and Rivers has only thrown less than 250 yards once.

Some rankings below the fold...

Passing yards per game:

San Diego: 8th

Kansas City: 30th

Rushing yards per game:

San Diego: 11th

Kansas City: 8th

Passing yards allowed per game: 

San Diego: 4th

Kansas City: 18th

Rushing yards allowed per game:

San Diego: 21st

Kansas City: 24th


So, here we go... Enjoy your MNF Open Thread!  Bonus: See how many starters you can find between both teams that would not be good enough to start for the Chicago Bears.