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The Bears Den: October 4, 2011

"...where we like to do crazy flips and stuff."

Hester is cementing spot in NFL history Mayer: A Facebook post by Chris Harris Monday pretty much summed up how Bears players, coaches and fans view incomparable return specialist Devin Hester. Sights & sounds

Bears' defense not as ugly on tape as stats suggest Pompei: Bears' defensive performance Sunday didn't look as ugly on tape as it did on paper. They got stops against Panthers in key situations.

It’s hard to say what Bears are doing well on offense Hayes: The game Sunday featured a mobile, strong-armed and poised quarterback operating an offense tailor-made to exploit his strengths. He had time to throw behind a veteran offensive line. He had two solid running backs, an obvious  No. 1 receiver and two Pro Bowl-caliber tight ends and his name was not Jay Cutler.

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Bears brace for Megatron, aka Calvin Johnson Sean Jensen can guarantee this: a Bears coach won't make the same mistake Rob Ryan did last week.

Spencer's broken right hand shouldn't stop him from playing this week Biggs: Chris Spencer's broken right hand shouldn't stop the Bears lineman him from playing this week, according to coach Lovie Smith.

Where is the Bears offense going with Cutler, Martz? Moon: Bringing in Jay Cutler and Mike Martz was supposed to be the cure to the Bears' offensive woes, but through 20 regular season games, the tandem has produced fewer points than its predecessors. Latest Bears video

Bears' Matt Forte never ran on 3rd down, but 4th-down run big Trowbridge: So far, Martz has stuck with whatever has worked best. That’s not stubborn. That’s sensible.

Free Head Exam: Chicago Bears Seifert: There are three issues that merit further examination.

Miss a tackle vs. Hester? That's six points... Bowen: Using video to breakdown Hester's TD return vs. Carolina.

Cutler Supports Cavallari at 'DWTS' Show Grizzly Detail: QB flies to LA for live show.

'Sweetness' excerpt does Payton an injustice Wetzel: There's a lot more to Bears legend Walter Payton than the salacious details that have been discussed.

ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr. after he compares Obama to Hitler Chase: Even if using Hitler in an analogy was something that was socially acceptable, the comparison still doesn't make any sense.

Headlines: (Lyrics NSFW with liberal use of 'F' word outside of proper 'Dilfer' context)