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The Bears defeat the Panthers- Best of the In Game Thread.

This is Brian Urlacher.  He's pretty awesome.  Just saying'....
This is Brian Urlacher. He's pretty awesome. Just saying'....

So. So, so, so... We won. Barely. Cam Newton looks pretty good. Awesome in fact. What scared me the most was how bad our run defense looked. Putrid. Thankfully they quit running. The move felt almost Martz like. But a win is a win. Gotta love that. But we have a tough matchup on the horizon. The Lions appear to be the talk of the town (don't believe me, ask any of their fans) and rightly so. A great comeback against the vaunted Vikings, followed by an amazing finish against the Cowboys and next week sets up to be huge. And it's played in their house. Should be one hell of a game. Let's get to the best of yours...

When someone commented that it was weird seeing Olsen in something other than a Bears uniform we get…

Would be odder to see him naked. Ejected from game for public indecency? -Spongie

And we thought him getting kicked off a high school field was bad. -SJS_Illini

For sheer Packer hateability…..

Cam will be twice the Qb DouchRod will ever be. Cause he’s not a Packer. -crackedcactus

We will be starting a TWSS category. So after each appropriate post insert your TWSS….


Like the cynicism…..

Who is the OC calling run plays, with the Mike Martz mask on? -DutchBear

After the first offensive drive we get this masterful sarcasm (I hope out was sarcasm)….

We were inside the ten Why didn’t we throw it???? stupid run game -Cutler6fan8

Because this began a wonderful fantasy land for me I'll feed you this comment. Want the rest? Read the thread….

Can we talk about how annoying the random splashes of Ugly ass pink are during October? I mean, everyone loves boobs, but do I really have to have football infested with pink to acknowledge that? -Allie

For those religious types who get offended avert thine eyes…

Jesus Newton looks scary when running -Midway Bully

I always though Jesus' last name was Christ. -BOBdaBEAR

This was actually in the thread. Fun factoid #36, 37 and….

Don’t microwave ants. Not only do they not give you superpowers, they also taste vinegary when they come out. -Spongie

I like microwaving cds AT about 6 seconds, they make a nice crackle and light flashy thing. -Arbusto

What do they taste of? -Spongie

Plastic cancerly goodness -crackedcactus

Then we have this mistype?….

That was some good pull action -Chitownproduct

I haven't had good pull action in so long ... oh wait. -iowaBear

WOW! I totally missed this one during the game. Pay attention to the screen names….



What about a reach-around? -pastor2b

pastor? -mick11

Hey, I can still have a sense of humor! -pastor2b

After the record was set I'd be remiss if I didn't post my favorite comment (of many) even if it's not humorous….

The GOAT -Dils

To go along with the theme of "Yes, this was actually posted here" we get…..

You can put a dress on a donkey but you can't make it put out. -Syndor

Solution: find a slutty donkey? -Spongie

Because I too, enjoy this….

I always love the awkward moment before the feed cuts away And the person just stares at the camera. -Arbusto

And this is your award. Not quite a Emmy, but almost as good as a Grammy…

Explaining football, while watching football to a bunch of italians, while commenting in the thread...I should get an award. -awfullyquiet

Because speaking in (anti?) euphemisms is fun…

Well 20-3, Lions losing to CowboysLet’s hope they don’t come from behind like last week. Also praying for a miracle that GB somehow loses to Denver… yeah, I know, not exactly likely. And if the Bears go 1-3 today…. I’m gonna shank a dog (edit). And by shank I mean punch in the face. And by dog (edited again) I mean Bear’s management.

Not for humor, but for a general good thesis (I'd go 30yd line)….

this is why I think a touchback should put the ball at the least force the kicking team to choose to pin the ball deep and have the opponents some 15 yards away from their half of the field, or kick it shorter and risk anything from a 10 yard return to going all the way. -lmsilva

I'm not sure why this one was left alone. So much potential…

Tillman blew the tackle -Bears-Cubs Bulls

I never include myself in these unless I'm the default set up man…

Wright is a blown pick. He's terrible -Dils

I'd settle for a pick -Me

i'd settle for being blown -mick11

Wonder who we were talking about…..

His groin can’t cope with more than one first down signal a game, and he refuses to abandon celebrating such an awesome achievement. -Spongie

For truth…

Tillman needs to restrict himself to punching balls -Maelvampyre

Fantastic comeback. I chortled…..

ANOTHER GAME of why angelo should be shipped to the south pole… -T.Moore

North. We don’t want him to bother the penguins. -crackedcactus

He’d like it there. They jump out of the water. -Spongie

Because he is a horrid, hobbit like shrew of a man…..

Sean Day Our QB Coach. Looks like a cross between Tow-mater (the tow truck in cars) and Alfred E. Neuman..No Wonder Cutler’s always screaming at him.. -The Kaiser

Well said, unfortunately….

Lovie got an extension for finally reaching the playoffs again. No need for him to exert himself for another 4 years. -Juperee

Toward the end of the game we threaders should all gather at one time and do a shot together. For solidarity. Summed up here…

I need some tequila -Jessica312

I think this sums up our collective faith in our offensive coordinator….

If Martz throws the ball I will personally rip Martz’s head off and Skull copulate(severe edit) him. -crackedcactus

I wonder if other fans will let this sink in before they post around these here parts. A poster asked how things were in the Vikings threads and this man is a Vikings fan and one of our kind….

Wouldn't know. I don’t visit the Norseman. But one of my friends is asking me to drink extra for him since he’s on call. I’ll tune into KFAN shortly. -The Robert Rence

Best standing alone. And well said….

Arbusto my friend it's never a pleasant sensation when a Bear fornicates (edit) you! -frenchbears113

Because the cynic in me responded with a resounding "YES!"…

And poor Mad Martz looks pissed in the Booth -crackedcactus

prolly bummed his sarcastic plan of running the ball worked now he’s locked into it until we struggle for a series. -Allie

That's them for this week folks! The winners are... the Chicago Bears. Next week we face the dreaded Detroit Lions. As much as I respectfully dread their team, I dread their fans all that much more. This could be ugly. Let's just make sure, regardless of the outcome, the only ugliness comes from them, and not us. Hopefully on the field and off. Stay classy WCG!