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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2011; Week 4 vs. Carolina Panthers

WCG SACKWATCH!!!  It makes for an easier Sackwatch post when Mike Martz only calls 17 pass plays.  The Bears only gave up one sack against the Panthers (woo hoo!), but I wasn't overly impressed with the pass protection.  Right tackle Frank Omiyale was pulled for former starting right guard Lance Louis, and although I liked what I saw from Louis, I'd like him better at guard.  But until Gabe Carimi returns from his bad knee it's all hands on deck for Mike Tice and his offensive line.

I think we all remember last years week four debacle, even though most of us Bears fans would like to forget it.  Psst...  that was the Massacre at MetLife Stadium that saw Jay Cutler literally knocked out of the game...  The Giants recorded 10 sacks on that night.   But this year's week 4 saw one singular sack given up that I'll breakdown right now.

Sack 15 - 2nd Quarter 4:36 - Charles Johnson
The Bears just converted a 3rd down on a 16 yard Cutler pass to Dane Sanzenbacher to give them 1st and 10 from the Bears 41 when Panther DE Charles Johnson picked up the lone sack of the day.  It was off a play action, so one would assume that Cutler would have that extra count to set and throw, but no.  Johnson beat Omiyale around the edge and I think that was enough for the Bears coaches to decide to get Louis some RT reps.  Omiyale has terrible feet on the play.  The play action was a quick fake to Forte to the left side and Omiyale did a little hop to his right.  No kick step technique, just the hop then a hesitation.  Johnson actually waited on the play fake and took a step inside, that should have set up Omiyale's block, but his dead feet killed his technique.  By him waiting on Johnson he allowed Johnson to get around him.  He should have posted his left foot, kicked his right out, invited Johnson upfield, then punched him in the chest.

Jay Cutler had a pedestrian day throwing the ball numbers-wise, and he made a bad throw that led to his pick.  But with the way the Bears were running the ball it didn't matter.  This time.

Sackwatch after 4 games
2010 - 18
2011 - 15