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The Bears Den: October 7, 2011

"...where nobody has seen a specimen like ourself."

Bears gearing up to face Lions' Suh Mayer: Ndamukong Suh seems to enjoy straddling the line between being aggressive and playing dirty. But the Bears aren't intimidated by the Lions defensive tackle. GamePreview with Thayer and Mayer

Signing Matt Forte has proven more difficult than tackling him Pompei: Keeping him unsigned also keeps him motivated.

Ron Jaworski concerned about hits on Cutler Jensen: When he turns on tape of the Bears, former NFL quarterback and ESPN ‘‘Monday Night Football’’ analyst Ron Jaworski worries about what he’s seeing from Jay Cutler.

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Will Cutler continue Monday night 'magic?' Moon: Under Jay Cutler, the Bears have won all three of their Monday night Football appearances. Cutler's lowest passer rating in those games was 82.5. Bears Video: View from the Moon

Bears likely to start Louis at guard opposite Lions Suh Biggs: Chris Spencer's broken hand makes it probable that Louis will get the call.

Bowen: Bears Must Pressure QB Listen: Matt Bowen on The Mully and Hanley Show.

Chicago, city of slumped shoulders Tom Danyluk examines the hatred Bears fans seem to have for QB Jay Cutler and wonders where it came from considering the noted lack of All-Pro passers in the team's long history. Bears-Lions matchup of the day

Know Your Enemy: The Detroit Lions Hendricks: These aren't the Lions we once knew and pitied.

You can't fault Detroit Lions' swagger Isaacson: Detroit washout Roy Williams is happy for the Lions' success.

MNF in Detroit: Context for Bears defense Jerry Angelo told the team's website that he isn't "as depressed" upon further review, and Kevin Seifert agrees that there are several important contextual aspects to at least consider.

Keep the ball out of Johnson's hands John Lynch suggests frustrating Detroit's Johnson.

Face Melting Friday: