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Now What: Bears-less Sunday Gameday Pre-Party

If you're like me, here's your Sunday routine - wake up, throw on a pot of coffee, start up some music, do a preview post (well, okay, sorry, I guess that's kinda me-specific...), and then chill around/get errands taken care of/any other obligations until football starts, then in case of a late start, watch the first round or two of games.

Unfortunately, we get to step 4 of that little routine, and then we realize... the Bears play tomorrow night. So that means a whole day of no Bears and a whole day of football that doesn't really matter to us Bears fans. However, that doesn't mean today's without good NFL action. Hit the jump, stick the landing, and let's get into it.

For the early games, Philadelphia goes to Buffalo with a defense that, for all the work done to beef up the secondary, has been vulnerable, and Buffalo loves to throw.

Kansas City heads to Indianapolis. If you're looking to take a nap, I'm sure that one will be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Arizona takes on Minnesota. Same thing. Actually, what I said about "good NFL action"? I'll take that back for the afternoon sets outside of PHI/BUF. Bengals and Jaguars can be caught in that too.

Seahawks/Giants... I'm not sure what to say here.

Actually, here's a good one: New Orleans and Carolina. Two high-powered offenses and Cam Newton facing the dangerous Gregg Williams Saints defense.

Raise your hand if you realized the Titans were 3-1. I didn't, and they were my third round pick in my friends-and-family team-draft. They get Pittsburgh to see if they can push it to 4.

The later games are where the action's at. Tampa Bay gets the resurgent 49ers, San Diego takes on AFC West rival Denver, the AFC East puts on Jets/Patriots (always fun) and the Sunday Night game gives us the 4-0 Packers against the 2-2 Falcons in a rematch of last year's playoff game.

Procedure today, the threads will start popping up at the start of each set of games - you get an open thread for the early games (Yes, Kev, at noon CT/1PM ET), one for the late afternoon games and another for the Sunday Night game.

So what games are you guys gonna be focusing on today? What do you guys do on a Bears-less Sunday?