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Week 5: NFL Sunday Early Games Open Thread

Rank Team (W-L) Rank Team (W-L)
1 Green Bay Packers (4-0) 6 New York Giants (3-1)
2 Detroit Lions (4-0) 7 New Orleans Saints (3-1)
3 Washington Redskins (3-1) 8 Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
4 San Francisco 49ers (3-1) 9 Chicago Bears (2-2)
5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) 10 Atlanta Falcons (2-2)

And there it is, a way too early look at the top ten of the NFC. No, your eyes do not deceive you, there are two NFC North teams in slots one and two. Four of these ten teams play the early game today, and we wanted to make sure you have your rooting priorities in order. It's going to be a slugfest for playoff slots in the NFC this year, and the Bears have a long road ahead of them.

Your full slate of early games is after the jump. Let's hear it for the 1-3 teams this week!

As always, check the 506 for your tv coverage maps, and note who will be on tv in your area.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) New Orleans Saints (3-1)
Buffalo Bills (3-1) Carolina Panthers (1-3)
Oakland Raiders (2-2) Kansas City Chiefs (1-3)
Houston Texans (3-1) Indianapolis Colts (0-4)
Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) Arizona Cardinals (1-3)
Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) Minnesota Vikings (0-4)
Seattle Seahawks (1-3) Tennessee Titans (3-1)
New York Giants (3-1) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)