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Week 5: Sunday Night Football Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons Open Thread

Hey, Atlanta, get your act together.

As we close out the Sunday of Week 5, we have a game with a lot of emotional investment for Bears fans. As in, they'd like to see the Packers lose and lose big. The Packers are continuing their expected march through the NFC, and the Falcons are treading water at 2-2 in a division that houses the now 4-1 New Orleans Saints.

The last time they met, the Packers absolutely pasted the Falcons in the Georgia Dome during the playoffs. With Defensive End Abraham injured, can the Falcons disrupt the Packers, or will they march on to being the first, and possibly only, 5-0 team in the NFL.

Let's hope the dirty birds pull one out tonight. The Bears need all the help they can get.