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Official WCG Matt Forte Nickname Poll

Is that a nickel down there?
Is that a nickel down there?

The bye week is over! Back to our regularly scheduled program here at WCG, although we do have one more bit of business to take care of. Last week I asked for suggestions for a Matt Forte nickname, and we had a ton of great ideas... and some not so great ones (Matt "Blackened" Forte? I think not.). Hit the jump for the top-five nicknames courtesy of the WCG community and the Official WCG Matt Forte Nickname Poll.

The poll lists our top-five nicknames suggestions, and includes a "no nickname needed" option since a lot of you didn't think Mr. Forte needed a nickname. The poll will run until 11am CST next Tuesday, then I'll announce the winning nickname (or lack thereof) while updating you on Forte's race for 1,000 yards receiving and rushing on the season (you know, after he obliterates the Iggles). For the week seven update of MF2k, click here.

Our top five nickname choices, with some background info and shout-outs to the contributors:

1. "Big Easy" Suggested by Steve Von Horn, for the following reasons: He went to school in New Orleans (Tulane), he was born in Louisiana, he’s a smooth athlete that always makes the game look easy, and he’s a big RB (6’2") with an upright running style.

2. "Gameball" Came from lmfsilva, and got the most recs with three. Perfect since Forte has been our MVP through the first half of the season, and has totaled over 100 combined yards from scrimmage in every game but one.

3. "Smoothness" Suggested by DMC5238 (either a Darren McFadden fan or loves him some ole skool Adidas) as an allusion to the greatest running back of all-time, Mr. Walter Payton.

4. "Deuce Deuce" Came from GentlemanJack in his first ever comment on WCG! #22's the number, hence the nickname. And if you needed that explained to you, you must be Thorco.

5. "Double Deuce" Actually was suggested twice, by CharlotteBear and krushcuts.Still a take on his number, but was well enough received to hit the list.

The last option, of course, is no nickname needed, since "forte" itself is defined as something one excels in, or the strong part of a sword blade, between the middle and the hilt. Or, if you want to get fancy, "mezzo forte" means half-strong in musical terms, while "forte" means to play loudly. So, there ya go. Hit the polls!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my not top five includes: "The Blackener" from ECD (which sounds like a villian in a racist horror movie from the 50's), Matt "The Kev" Forte from... guess who, "Rodney Dangerfield" from ThorCo, "Nick Forte" from Mdwymnstr, and Gtm's "Matthew 'Matt' Forte" contribution. Thanks for chiming in guys, and that brings me to my last point...