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Week 10 Prediction Poll: Sacks

I think Cutler likes this whole "Not being sacked" thing.
I think Cutler likes this whole "Not being sacked" thing.

Normally, I try to stay away from the obvious stuff - anybody can ask the obvious questions. However, this week almost seems too crucial not to do the obvious - and yes, it's sack related.

Three weeks ago, Detroit picked up three sacks on the Bears and sent Cutler scurrying around the field to one of his most impressive performances of the year - sounds weird to say, but that kind of performance may have been what prompted the Bears to start getting Cutler out of the pocket more and increase the number of people in protection. Since allowing three sacks in that loss, the Bears have allowed three sacks total over the last three games, all wins, and Cutler has been very solid, going 56-95 (58.9%) for 701 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions for a 90.72 quarterback rating over those three games. So as we've suspected all along, Cutler can be a very good quarterback when he's not spending half the game on his backside.

The Lions come into this game with 24 sacks. Philadelphia has 22 sacks and Minnesota has 24 sacks, so it's not as if the Bears have gone up against scrub pass-rushes. That being said, is this the week the pass protection falls through? Or do the Bears continue this run of good protection? What do you think?