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Thoughts From NFL Week 10: Chicago Bears and beyond

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A team can get stomped one week, but if they impressively bounce back all is forgotten.  A team steps up with a statement win, then loses all momentum by laying an egg the following week.  A team that you'd expect to win fails to get it done against a "lesser" opponent.  Even in week 10, there's still some perplexing things going on out there.  The NFL truly is a week to week league.  At least we have one thing we can count on, and that is the Colts still suck.

1)  The Colts are bad, but I'm getting sick and tired hearing about how Peyton Manning is the league MVP and he hasn't played all season.  That was witty the 1st time I heard it, now when I hear it I want to punch someone.

2)  The Raiders could be a scary team down the stretch.  A solid defense, a good running game, and now Carson Palmer is settling in to that offense.

3)  Just imagine when the Bronco football club from Denver finally implements that new and fancy T Formation.  Then they'll really be cooking with gas.

4)  So was that the real Cowboys or the real Bills?

5)  Can we take the Ravens seriously when they follow up the big last week win with a stinker in Seattle?

6)  I can now safely say that I believe in the 49ers.  Jim Harbaugh is a heck of a coach and he has that team playing real good football.

7)  Philadelphia's DeSean Jackson didn't have his alarm go off and subsequently missed a Saturday morning team meeting.  I wonder if the Eagles defense didn't get their wake up call either...

8)  I don't know why teams kick to Devin Hester, but I'm sure glad they do.

9)  Terrible way to lose a game for the Browns.  I wonder when the last time was that their holder Brad Maynard had to field a bad snap?

10)  That was a big time statement game by the Patriots.  Their defense came up big and their O continues to roll.