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Orange Shoes and San Diego Blues

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The Bears are favorites heading into Sunday's game, for those of you who do that kind of thing. The Chargers don't seem particularly good to me. Let's look at their schedule so far. They come into Chicago at 4-5, having lost four in a row after starting an un-Norv Turner-era-like 4-1. Norv's Chargers are known for their slow starts, but this year was different, it gave the SD area reason to hope but this last month really hasn't been kind to the Chargers. Follow me below where I'll look at the Chargers' season and give my thoughts on some other topics on my mind heading into Sunday's games. No need to take off your orange shoes, either.

The Chargers, as I point out, started 4-1 and seemed to be in the drivers seat for the less-than stellar AFC West. Now, however, no one seems to want to take control of that division. Our poor West Coast NFL fans are stuck in what has to be the worst football-region in the country. I am not sure anyone would argue that there are two worse divisions in the NFL than the NFC and AFC Wests.

But look even further into the Chargers record and schedule, and what, exactly, says that this was ever a very good team? Sure their largest margin of loss is two touchdowns to the "mighty" Patriots in week two. So they haven't lost very convincingly, but they haven't won convincingly either. Their wins have been the Vikings, Chiefs (to whom they also lost), Dolphins and Broncos.

Is there anyone on that list you don't think the Bears could beat? Didn't think so. So who, other than the Pats, have the Chargers lost to? The Chiefs, Jets, Raiders and Packers. The Bears have already lost to Green Bay and I have my doubts as to whether the Bears have the passing attack to beat the Patriots' horrible secondary but the Chiefs, Jets and Raiders aren't exactly elite teams either.

The Chargers, then, could be in for a shocker Sunday. Rivers is the NFLs turnover king at the moment (more on that in a minute) and you have to think that a team coming in losing their last four to face a team who has won their last four...One hot and one cold. It could get ugly come Sunday.


Here on WCG, we know several things, but one of them is that the mainstream media HATES the Bears and Cutler. Right?

I feel like back in '09 when Cutler was throwing picks all over the place that was always how you heard about him, that was his introduction, if you will. "And here's the NFLs leader in interceptions, Jay Cutler" or "The NFL's turnover machine, Jay Cutler" or "Jay Cutler; The Human Turnover (and not the cherry kind from Arby's)."

The last two years? Well last year it was Eli Manning and I felt like he got more of a pass than Jay for his picks and that has always irked me. This year I feel like I hear it more about Rivers, but again that he gets off easier "Well his team has dealt with injuries" "He's a good quarterback in a slump." Puh-shaw.

Then there is the whole Cutler/Rivers history, which the press has tried to play up this week, but the two QBs have downplayed.

I, for one, am bummed. I loved catching SD/Denver games and see their two young, hot shot QBs jawing at each other. I never liked Rivers, so I always kind of rooted for Cutler, but really didn't care either way. I thought both of them were kind of pricks but it made for good games.

But now Jay is our prick. I, actually, for the record, don't think he is a prick at all but either way, he's awesome. He just doesn't give a care. I respect that. And I, for one, would really like to see Rivers/Cutler jaw at each other on Sunday. It'd be fun (remember Cutler and Brandon Marshall on Thursday night last year?), it'd bring some intensity to a game between two teams who see each other once every four years. I like personal rivalries like that, I think both QBs would really try to step up their games and try and out-shine the other. Maybe that will happen anyway, but that's my thought on the matter.

Orangesicle shoes

If you follow Earl Bennett on Twitter, you may know he likes shoes. Seems like every few days he'll Twitpic a shot of some new kicks he got. Many of them are funky colored to boot.

That's cool, that's his thing. So why does the NFL have to rain on his Orange-Glo parade? He's not hurting anybody. It's not like they are from some personal sponsor company that isn't NFL approved. I am not aware that his shoes need to be a certain percentage of all of the team's colors. Especially because they matched the Orange Swarm jerseys the team wore last week. So what's the big deal? They're just orange shoes. They're fun. It's a game, a sport. It's supposed to be fun. If they were some ridiculous color that wasn't even close to our team colors, sure, but orange is an official color of the Chicago Bears.

C'mon NFL. There are more important things to fine players for. Oh, unless they're a number one overall pick and a golden child apparently.