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Three Keys Against the Chargers: Defense

1) Contain Antonio Gates.

No, Gates hasn't been putting up the ridiculous numbers he had earlier in his career. But he's still one of the biggest threats in the tight end position in all of football, and the Bears have been struggling with that position all year. Five tight ends have scored touchdowns on the Bears, and the ones that didn't left the game with decent statlines. Now you add in a three-time All-Pro and perennial Pro-Bowler who in his one game against the Bears went for 9 receptions, 107 yards and a touchdown?

Seriously. Stop. This.

2) Take Advantage of a Depleted Offensive Line

The Chargers' offensive line has been decimated, with one starter out and two guards listed doubtful (see this week's injury report, posted earlier). So if there were ever a time for a defensive line whose pass rush can at best be considered inconsistent and at worst lackluster to finally show some kick, this'd be a very good time. Philip Rivers has thrown 15 picks and been sacked 25 times. Those particular numbers scream "feast." The defensive line better get something going this week.

3) Charles Tillman versus Vincent Jackson

Last week was a solid game by a secondary that had to deal with a huge workload in pass defense with one of the best receivers in the game, and they did their jobs. This week, they get Philip Rivers, who may be a step (not notch) above Matthew Stafford (especially injured and blaming the wind), throwing to Vincent Jackson, who is a step or two below Calvin Johnson. Charles Tillman will have to have the same sort of game against Jackson as he did against Johnson. The Bears will have to watch the middle of the field - with DJ Moore doubtful, the Chargers may be tempted to try to exploit that area a little more, but the bigger plays and touchdowns will come through Jackson.