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Week 11 Prediction Poll: Turnovers

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So far in the 2011 season, the Bears have turned the ball over a grand total of... eleven times - at this time last season, the Bears, with an identical record of 6-3, had turned the ball over 21 times. Speaking of teams that have turned the ball over 21 times in nine games... This year's San Diego Chargers, who happen to play the Bears this week. For another odd bit of similarity, the Chargers' defense has forced 13 turnovers, and the Bears have forced 20. And in eight of their nine games, the Chargers turned the ball over at least twice.

So what happens when you combine a team that has been relatively careful with the ball and has a very opportunistic defense with another team that gives the ball out like servings at Thanksgiving and doesn't take it back as often as it should? That, friends, is your question for this week.