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Chicago Bears Defensive Play of the Game: Week 11

Defense wins championships! Or not... I may not believe in that good old mantra 100%, but I sure do like watching good defense being played. Starting this week and running through the remainder of the year, we'd like to have you vote on what you think was defensive play of each game. The Bears beat the Chargers 31-20 last Sunday, and the Monsters of the Midway did some damage. After the jump we'll give you a few nominees for the defensive play of the game.

I'll list these in a random order so don't read anything into it, and I will include a defensive play made by a non defensive player, because technically if an offense turns the ball over the defense is now on offense and vice versa. So I'll start with that one first.

A) Jay Cutler chases down Charger DB Antoine Cason after picking off a pass. Cutler fights off two potential blockers before getting his hand on Cason, slowing him up just enough for Matt Forte to push him out of bounds.

B) Corey Graham picks off Philip Rivers to essentially end the game. Rivers was trying to throw the ball away, but he underestimated the speed of Graham.

C) Just 3 plays after the Cutler pick, Major Wright intercepts Rivers in the end zone. Can you say momentum shift?

D) Charles Tillman with the ball punch strip the ball and recovery on Chargers RB Ryan Matthews. Matthews must not have received the memo.

Now it's up to you Windy City Gridiron readers. Vote. And if you go with the Other option, be sure to tell us in the comment section what other is.