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Three Keys Against the Raiders: Defense

1) Contain the Deep Plays

Of receivers with over ten catches (yes, the Raiders have a lot of guys with at least ten catches), five of them have at least 15 yards per reception. One of them is Kevin Boss, but that's beside the point (see below). The rest of them are Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jacoby Ford, Michael Bush and Denarius Moore. While a couple of those guys are banged up, that's also beside the point - the Raiders might have the fastest team in the league and love to strike deep. Stopping the big play will be important.

2) Pick Up Turnovers

The Chargers weren't exactly a careful team with the football, but the Raiders have given up 19 of them themselves, and in Carson Palmer's first four games as a Raider he's thrown for seven interceptions already, along with two fumbles coughed up. And we wonder why the AFC West hasn't been so good this year... 

3) Stop. Giving. Up. Touchdowns. To. Tight. Ends.

I don't want to have to say this every single week. I will do so until this streak of games stops. You hear me over there in Halas Hall?! I'm serious! I will rip on you ON THE INTERNET for this!

Kevin Boss and Brandon Myers are the Raiders' top two tight ends in terms of receptions, and between them they have all of one touchdown. If you're going to insist on allowing a team a free seven points by playing a tight end, I would very highly recommend you no longer continue this course of action.