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Week 12 Prediction Poll: Caleb Hanie's Stat Line

Normally this is just some incidental little number that I find key to the game the next day. But this week, I thought we should just have some fun with it.

Over his career, Caleb Hanie is 8-14 for 66 yards with an interception. His longest regular season pass is 26 yards and he has a 7.9 yards per attempt. If we expand that to include the postseason against Green Bay, his career numbers are 21-34 for 219 yards, 1 touchdown, 3 interceptions, which is a career rating of 53.4 and a yards-per-attempt of 6.44. But most of that has been in backup/close out work. Maybe Martz keeps the playbook fully open, or maybe he scales it back against an aggressive defense.

I've put in the typical poll, but I'll ask you to post your actual predictions in the comments.

So with that I ask... What do you think, WCG?