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2011 Week 12: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Pre-Game Open Thread

We've got a very busy day for you today, what with the Early Game, then the BEARS at Raiders, and then a night game where Pittsburgh will, most likely absolutely destroy the Kansas City Chiefs

Look after the jump where we have some links for you, some sexy pictures, the reason Suh got himself ejected, and a seminal song. Otherwise, your early game thread goes up at noon CT, Bears thread at 3pm CT, and nighty-night thread around 7. Have a good night.

Bears-Raiders matchups - The Sun-Times hooks you up with their view of the game.

Bears could hold Devin Hester out on offense again - I don't think it did much to hold the offense back last week, so I'm not sure it's going to hurt this week. Rather he get healthy.

Nuts & Bolts: Bears-Raiders - ESPNChi has some ideas for the brass tacks of this game.

Week 12: NFC Wild Card Watch - Some really handsome guy wrote this earlier this week.

STEVEN'S THREE KEYS (Well, six, technically, but whatever)

Three Keys Against the Raiders: Offense
Three Keys Against the Raiders: Defense

Erik Walden of Green Bay Packers arrested on complaint of domestic battery, reports say - If true...that's bad.

Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow agrees with John Elway, says he must improve - Yes, he should probably do something about the WORST THROWING MECHANIC I HAVE EVER SEEN.

The Hester Conundrum - Moon Mullin has some thoughts on what, exactly, you can do with Hester.

Chicago Bears' Sucker route gives new quarterback Caleb Hanie options - Matt Bowen is here to straight drop knowledge in your mouth.

In case you didn't see it, here's what dumbass did to get himself kicked out of the Packers/Lions Thanksgiving game:

Here's a hot picture for the fellas:


And here's a sexy picture for the ladies:


Here's some tunage to set the scene for the day:

Or if you like it a little heavier, here's an alternate version: